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For many years the craze in Real Estate investing has been tied to Buying a home below market value, Renovating the home to maximize its value and Selling the home for a sizeable profit where possible. The challenge with this is that there are only a certain amount of quality properties available at any one time making it hard to scale when you're constantly competing with other flippers for properties.  The Invest Out partnering system breakers barriers to scaling and opens the investor up to a entirely new options for marketing an sourcing potential properties.  

Our Partner, Renovate, Sell and Share methodology changes the rules and creates a Win Win condition where both the home seller and Investor benefit. When people ask us "why should I partner", my answer is always "why should you pay for the short term ownership of the home when that cost can be retained as profit for both the investor and the homeowner.  

Within this series of lessons you will receive:

  • An overview of the Invest Out Partnering process
  • How to measure the successful of a Partnership
  • How to find the best, highest  potential properties for Partnering
  • The benefits gained by each stakeholder in the process (Homeowner, Investor, Realtor)
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Call to Action: Act Now

I've had friends and experts in Investing alike as me what will I charge for my course and that was a difficult question to answer. On the one hand I've created a completely new process for investing in Real Estate, one that is bound to attract the homeowners into the market but on the other hand, my process still needs to be tested. When I say tested I don't me from the standpoint of the partnership because people have been "partnering" or "bartering" as long as there have been people. 

The one Item that I am interested in testing is the system which incorporates the details of the partnership and the structure I've outlined to protect both the interest of the homeowner and the investor. This process includes involvement and setting up ground rules of operation. Several flippers have told me that they have partnered before in the past but they had no system in place to control the individual outcomes of each event. Why didn't they have systems in place? Because their focus was not in Partnering but rather in flipping. 

I am seeking a select group of investors who are interested in learning about and coming into the Partnering process from several different levels of entry:

  • $10,000 investment entry point
  • $50,000 investment entry point
  • Experienced flippers
  • In-experienced flippers
  • Contractors
  • Etc.

My 200 level course is accepting students and will be an on-line live class which will occur over a series of 4 weeks. I welcome the opportunity to experience the Invest Out and our roll out strategy with you in the very near future. 

Stay Tuned

Tye Glover

Tye Glover
Tye Glover
Founder, CEO

Thank you for previewing my class. My name is Tye Glover and in addition to having a background in process engineering and design, I am both a serial entrepreneur and a socially oriented investor. I developed the Partnering system through my own personal life challenge of divorce. It was at that time when I was losing everything that I recognized both how unfair the process seemed of losing ones home while additionally understanding that there was a different way to do this.

I was eventually able to keep my home but the idea of Partnering and the sound business reasons continued to grow.

The urge you to learn this model and to connect with me about additional classes because, with your help, we're going to change the game of Real Estate investing and make a lot of money in the process.

Thanks for taking my class.

Please find my contact information below and additionally people feel free to contact me via email or come to my site to learn more about this process. I will be holding on-site as well as online classes detailing the Partnering model and will additionally be communicating out our Invest Out strategy for rolling out and scaling.  Connect and learn more.



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Course Curriculum

Chapter 2 - Key Stakeholder Motivations
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Chapter 3 - The Partnering Process
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Chapter 4 - High Level Comparison – Flipping vs Partnering
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Chapter 5 -The Pull Strategy – Marketing to Homeowners
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Chapter 6 - Investor Benefits
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Chapter 7 - The Training Roadmap: Learn The System
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